PCW Self Adhesive 50mm x 25mm Chromo Label Roll - (4000 Labels, Pack of 1)

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For Printing Shipment Labels of Ecommerce and Sellerflex, Compatible with TSC, Zebra, TVSE & Rollo Label Printers, Ink Ribbon Required
PCW Paper Roll


50x25mm 2up Chromo Label Roll

Barcode label roll is a type of label that contains a series of barcode labels arranged in a roll format. The roll is designed to fit into a Barcode Printer, which uses Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer technology to print the barcode information onto the label. Barcode label rolls are commonly used in retail, logistics, and manufacturing industries for inventory management, tracking products, and identifying items.

50x25mm Label Specifications:-

  • Product: Label Roll

  • Brand: PCW

  • Label Size: 50 x 25mm

  • No of Label: 4000

  • Core Size: 1 Inch

  • Label Rewinding: Outside

  • Gumming: hot melt adhesive

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